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1 on 1 with Oliver Grimsly (Part 1)

I had a chance to sit down 1 on 1 with star Oliver Grimsly. We touched on numerous different subjects ranging from his best and worst moments as a pro and also his upcoming 4 way fatal tag match with Fenix Fury against The Hell Cats, New Age Scumbags, and Mitch Miller and Paul White.  


Q. In your wrestling career what has been your best moment so far?

A. Several moments are up there. My Rage TV title win, my first shamrock cup, the Super 8 and being on the first national pro wrestling day in a 4-way against 2 Cold Scorpio

Q. And in turn how bout your worst moment of your career?

A. Losing the Rage TV title.

Q. How was it like training with the Dudley Boys at there wrestling academy?

A. It was a great opportunity I wish to anyone looking to become a pro wrestler, the wealth of knowledge and technique you learn is 2nd to none.

Q. For the fans who don't know much about you describe your in-ring style on who you think you mimic?

A. Much like myself, my wrestling style is like none other. If you expect the unexpected you would still be surprised.

Q. How did you come up with the character that you portray in MCW?

A. Character???? Oliver Grimsly is what Oliver Grimsly is!!!! I owe a lot to Sinn Bodhi (formerly WWE's Kizarny)

Q. Your coming home to Waldorf on May 3 how will it feel to get in the ring in your hometown?

A. Everything comes full circle. The town I left to chase my dreams and expand my horizons becomes the town I come to in order to chase my dreams and expand my horizons.

Q. You do have a fatal 4 way at bodyslam autism how are you and Fenix going to combat 3 other teams. And your also way smaller team then the others what edge do you think you'll have over the other teams?

A. Neither Fenix or myself are any stranger to being the smallest freaks in the fight, it's just par for the course at this point. In this 4 way, the talent is stacked. No one is to be overlooked, everyone in this match should be considered an odds on favorite. However, between our speed and unorthodox offense, none of the other teams can prepare for when the freaks are unleashed.



Sit down with Amber Rodriguez

I recently had the chance to sit down with the lovely Amber Rodriguez and talked alittle about her background and also tried to get her comments on her recent turn of Gfed and Buck Chyld and what her future holds inside the ring and with the Black Wall Street.


Q. How did you get your start in the pro wrestling and where did you train?

A. I always loved wrestling since I was a kid and when I was 14 that's when my brother started training at Gillberg's Wrestling Academy so then about year after he started I started going. I figured since I loved it so much why not make it a reality.

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Bodyslam Autism 4 – THE LINEUP!!!!

Bodyslam Autism 4 - Friday April 25th


On Friday April 25th at The New Green Room in Dundalk, MD Commissioner Kylie Pierce has signed a special Main Event for the Maryland Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!


This is Black Wall Street’s big chance at taking the top spot in MCW.  Drolix has been on a major roll as of late and his stock has never been higher.  Standing in his way is arguably the greatest champion in the history of Maryland Championship wrestling – Christian York.  An added bonus to this match is in just 8 days following Bodyslam Autism 4, a rematch clause has been invoked by both participants to meet again at X-treme Measures in Waldorf, MD.  That will either be a 2nd chance for Drolix to capture the gold or a first defense of the crown.  There will be more to be said about that in the coming days but let’s get to the rest of the Bodyslam Autism lineup!

 Special Grudge Attraction


All the talking is finally over.  This war has been fought everywhere from all over social media, inside and outside the ring, and even in a parking lot.  Ryan McBride has finally been cleared to wrestle for the first time in over a year and there is nowhere to hide this time.  C-Fed is out for revenge and he will get his chance on April 25th.  He’ll have to control his emotions though, as we have already seen that this is a different Ryan McBride than MCW fans have been used to and he seemingly has a lot of cards to play in very stacked a stacked deck.

Read more about what Ryan McBride has to say in this recent interview:

Pre-Match Interview with MCW Star Ryan McBride for Bodyslam Autism 4

MCW Rage Championship


The Black Wall Street could possibly gain full control over all the MCW gold if the best technical wrestler in the stable Chuck Lennox can upset the RAGE champion Ruckus!  

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Press Release for Bodyslam Autism 4

During Autism Awareness Month 2014, Maryland Championship Wrestling, Jimmy Cicero & Sean Waltman (Formerly X-Pac) Come Together to Body Slam Autism.

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects an estimated 1.5 Million individuals in the United States and tens of Millions worldwide. Today, it is estimated that one in every 88 Children and One in Fifty Four boys are diagnosed with Autism. 

Matt Bowman who performed as a Professional Wrestler under the stage name "The Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero for over two decades now uses his notoriety to bring awareness to Autism. In Early 2009 when Bowman and his Wife Windra learned that their young son was autistic, he returned to the ring for the sole Purpose of promoting Autism Awareness. Bowman's Mission became even more important to his family when his second son was also diagnosed with Autism.

"Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the United States," says Matt Bowman, Husband and Father of two autistic sons ages 4 & 6. "Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism."

Co Owner of MCW Dan McDevitt is a long time friend of Matt Bowman and on April 25th, they will team up with Sean Waltman to Body Slam Autism. "I am ecstatic to be a part of this event and to be assisting Matt in his efforts to raise money for Autism Awareness, "says McDevitt.

"For me, raising Autism Awareness achieves victory on two different fronts. It allows me the opportunity to encourage families who suspect that a loved one may potentially be on the autism spectrum to seek an early diagnosis which in turn can lead to early intervention. I also am able to build bridges within the special needs community. The daily challenges that families with autism face are monumental, for me to be able to share information and provide support is absolutely invaluable." Bowman Said.

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It's as easy as 1,2,3

Scott Hall recently made his debut appearance in MCW so it only seems right that Sean Waltman follows him here to join in the fight to Bodyslam Autism on Friday April 25th at The Green Room in Dundalk, MD.   On a magic evening on Monday Night RAW in 1993 Hall as Razor Ramon made the then "123 Kid" an international superstar when The Kid pinned Razor's shoulders to the mat in a special $10,000 challenge match. 

First known as The Lightning Kid in the Global Wrestling Federation Sean's career has morphed through several other name changes but most famously known as X-PAC in D-Generation X, Syxx in the NWO and maybe more infamously as a card carrying member of "The Kliq".

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Ruckus vs. Lennox - RAGE!

The Black Wall Street accomplished its first goal at 2K14 Tag Wars when Napalm and Solo won the MCW Tag Team Championship from G-Fed and Buck Chyld.   The next man up in the attempt to take over MCW is Chuck Lennox, the new #1 contender for the Rage Championship after scoring the fall in the tag team match.

This puts The Black Wall Street in position to control two thirds of the championships.  There is only one problem.  Chuck Lennox will have to go through the current Rage champion and triple crown winner Ruckus!



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What was Jessie Kaye thinking?

Ever since The New Age Scumbags relieved Jessie Kaye of her managerial duties back in February at MCW Anniversary she has been on a self-destructive collision course. 

After interrupting an interview Alton Albert was conducting with Renee Michelle, she got into the face of the 182 Kilo (that's 400 pounds) giant Nui Tofiga.  It's anyone's guess what possessed her to put herself in that situation.  

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Ryan McBride has been cleared by his doctors and the Maryland State Athletic Commission to return to MCW!  

The match MCW fans have been waiting for over 3 months has already been announced for Bodyslam Autism on Friday April 25th!!!!

Tickets will go fast for this one.  Order here.  


Now lets talk about why this match will be unlike any other in MCW history and why fans will be on the edge of their seats.

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MCW – Kickin’ It “Old School”

A modern promotion with old school heart


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