The Blackwallstreet - Strength In Numbers

“Greed is good” – Gordon Gekko 1987

 As professional wrestling has evolved over the years one thing has become clear.  If several likeminded superstars can come together and remain on the same page, no goal is too high to shoot for.  No matter how impossible something may seem to be able to achieve, a united faction operating as a single unit can succeed.

The Four Horsemen, The Fabulous Freebirds, Evolution, and the NWO all were able to accomplish things that were previously unthinkable in this sport.  Factions such as these have some common denominators:  Brains, ability, desire and the muscle to enforce their will.

The Blackwallstreet have all of these traits and even more.  MCW is about to find that out.

Black Wallstreet

 All factions have an unquestioned leader.  In The Blacksallstreet that is Drolix.  At first glance he is undersized compared to the rest of the group.  Because of that I initially thought he might be a lot like Michael P.S. Hayes was in the Fabulous Freebirds – content to let the others fight his battles.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In the last 2 months in MCW he has made ECW legend Stevie Richards tap out and stood up to a monster in The Man They Call Vader.  That is leadership, and the kind that keeps a faction together.

The top wrestling factions have historically had someone blessed with great technical ability.  Whether it was Tully Blanchard in the Four Horseman, Kurt Angle in The Main Event Mafia, or Shawn Michaels in DX there has always been one member who can just flat out go.  Chuck Lennox is that go to guy in The Blackwallstreet.  What he lacks in size is made up for in speed and ability.  A perfect match to set their opposition off balance in singles and tag team matches.

Finally to maintain a stable like this requires muscle or an “enforcer” if you will.  All factions have had one, but Blackwallstreet has TWO.  Napalm and Solo are two of the most physically imposing competitors in MCW.  The fact that they were able to dominate Adam Flash & Ronnie Zuko  (both triple crown winners in MCW) at Tribute To Legends was a statement and a game changer moving forward.

The Blackwallstreet have all the tools.  Intelligence, ability, physicality and desire.  The question is – What do they desire?  What are they after in MCW in 2014?  


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