Bodyslam Autism 4 – THE LINEUP!!!!

Bodyslam Autism 4 - Friday April 25th


On Friday April 25th at The New Green Room in Dundalk, MD Commissioner Kylie Pierce has signed a special Main Event for the Maryland Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!


This is Black Wall Street’s big chance at taking the top spot in MCW.  Drolix has been on a major roll as of late and his stock has never been higher.  Standing in his way is arguably the greatest champion in the history of Maryland Championship wrestling – Christian York.  An added bonus to this match is in just 8 days following Bodyslam Autism 4, a rematch clause has been invoked by both participants to meet again at X-treme Measures in Waldorf, MD.  That will either be a 2nd chance for Drolix to capture the gold or a first defense of the crown.  There will be more to be said about that in the coming days but let’s get to the rest of the Bodyslam Autism lineup!

 Special Grudge Attraction


All the talking is finally over.  This war has been fought everywhere from all over social media, inside and outside the ring, and even in a parking lot.  Ryan McBride has finally been cleared to wrestle for the first time in over a year and there is nowhere to hide this time.  C-Fed is out for revenge and he will get his chance on April 25th.  He’ll have to control his emotions though, as we have already seen that this is a different Ryan McBride than MCW fans have been used to and he seemingly has a lot of cards to play in very stacked a stacked deck.

Read more about what Ryan McBride has to say in this recent interview:

Pre-Match Interview with MCW Star Ryan McBride for Bodyslam Autism 4

MCW Rage Championship


The Black Wall Street could possibly gain full control over all the MCW gold if the best technical wrestler in the stable Chuck Lennox can upset the RAGE champion Ruckus!  

MCW Tag Team Championship


Former Champions G-Fed & Buckchyld get their return match with newly crowned MCW Tag Team Champions Napalm Bomb and Solo.  This will be a do or die encounter for the former champs as new #1 contenders will be crowned later in the evening as you will see when you read more.


This match promises to be all out mayhem.  MCW has one of the best tag team divisions in recent wrestling history and this is your chance to see four of its finest all at once.  The prize is a chance to go up against whoever comes out on top in the Tag Team championship bout also being held on April 25th.  No matter what happens in this match, the balance of power will have shifted in the race for the titles.


Out of nowhere The Bruiser made his return to MCW last month.  He looked to be in great shape and if not for a distraction by Drolix would have been victorious.  Now with time to prepare he gets his chance to get back on track in his comeback, but Commissioner Pierce did him no favors signing him to a match with Mustafa Aziz Daniels.  Lots of questions to be answered in this one.  The last we saw M.A.D. he fell victim to a DDT after being distracted by a snake.  Has J.P. Callahan gotten his mad man past this and back on the path of destruction?


This match has “show stealer” written all over it.   Lance Anoa’i has the bloodline and ability for greatness in this sport.  Shawn Patrick has all the ability in the world if he can just maintain his focus.  This bout is not to be missed.

Jessie Nui

I’m really starting to fear for Jessie Kaye’s wellbeing.  Only she knows why she is going down this dangerous road.  If she really wants revenge on Nui Tofiga she better bring an army.


MCW fans don’t forget that doors open on Friday April 25th at 6:30 pm for a special meet and greet with Sean Waltman (formerly known as X-PAC)

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