MCW (8/5/1999)







MATCH 1 Maryland Championship Wrestling made its first foray into the Convention Center in Ocean City , MD, on August 5, with its "Slam at the Shore" card that featured many past, present and future WWF and WCW stars.

As the combatants for the first match came to ringside, manager/cruiserweight champ PLATINUM NAT, who accompanied RAMBLIN RICH to the ring, took the mike and berated Ocean City in general and the people in attendance in particular.  He spoke in particular about how he was out to get CHRISTIAN YORK.  York took the mike, saying that he hasd been down in Atlanta preparing for his upcoming WCW debut, and after talking with his old buddy Hak/Sandman, he had secured the services of CHASTITY this evening to keep an eye on Nat.


RAMBLIN' RICH (with PLATINUM NAT) beat CHRISTIAN YORK (with CHASTITY) and ADAM FLASH in 11:18 in a three-way elimination match to determine the number one contender for the cruiserweight title.  Chastity was kept busy during much of the match chasing Nat around the ring.  Referee Davey D was kept busy trying to get Chastity back into her corner.  During one of these interludes, at 5:58, the ref didn't see Nat clobber Adam with his "good book"; but he did turn around to see Rich covering for the 3-count.  It looked like York was in control, going up to the top turnbuckle after delivering a spinning tiger driver.  However, the ref was distracted once again and didn't see EARL THE PEARL trip Christian.  Rich then hit his top-rope bulldog on York andcovered for the pin.  As a result of this match, Rich, managed by Nat, is now the number-one contender for the cruiserweight belt, which is at this moment held by Nat.  Hmmmmmmmmm.


MATCH 2 Rookie GREGORY MARTIN scored his biggest victory to date by rendering "DANCIN" STEVIE RICHARDS unconscious with a sleeper hold in 13:37.  There were many near-falls by both wrestlers in this match.  At one point, Stevie was so annoyed with the 2-counts that he took off hiscut-offs and finished the match in his dark green underwear.

MATCH 3 THE BUSHWHACERS (LUKE WILLIAMS & BUTCH MILLER) pinned 2-DOPE & SYDESWYPE in 11:49, with Luke pinning Syde after the Whackers clobbered both opponents with their trademark battering ram maneuver.

MATCH 4 GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG!!! retained his WWF light-heavyweight belt with a pin fall victory over EARL "THE PEARL" (with RAMBLIN' RICH) in 12:19.  With Earl distracting the ref, Rich entered the ring to slam Duane.  This brought BLUE MEANIE out from the back. Meanie chased Rich back to the lockers.  As Earl was staring at Meanie, he turned around and was met by the Gilllllllberrrrrrrg!!! spear, jackhammer and pin.

Polaroids with GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG!!!, THE BUSHWHACKERS, CHASTITY.  Plenty of autographs available from most wrestlers on the card .  At the end of the intermission, announcer JACK ADONIS told the crowd that CHAZ had not been able to make it to Ocean City due to transportation problems and WWF commitments; but the WWF had (as evidenced earlier) sent BLUE MEANIE as a substitute, and it would be Meanie facing TOM BRANDI for the heavyweight title later in the card.

MATCH 5 ROMEO VALENTINO & "WISE GUY" JIMMY CICERO, showing evidence of a much "closer" relationship than they had had in the past, kept their tag team belts with a 16:09 pin of THE BRUISER & "DOOMSDAY" DANNY ROSE in 16:09.  It looked as if Bruiser had Romeo covered, but Cicero pulled

Bruiser off.  Bruiser recovered to power slam Cicero, but was tripped by Romeo when climbing to the top turnbuckle.  Both champs delivered a wicked double superplex to Bruiser, and Jimmy covered for the pin

MATCH 6 JOEY "THE FUTURE" MATTHEWS, hittting plenty of high spots, pinned QENNAN "THE PRETTIEST THING IN ALL OF OCEAN CITY" CREED in 7:58, avenging a defeat suffered earlier in the week.  Joey scored the pin after delivering a top-rope huracanrana.

MATCH 7 THE BLUE MEANIE & TOM BRANDI (with THE HOOTERS GIRLS) pinned "DANCIN" STEVIE RICHARDS & DINO DIVINE in 12:25.  At one point in the match Ocean City's favorite disk jockey, referee DAVEY D (I guess that stands for "Davey D Wave") was so upset with Stevie that he took off his ref shirt and was ready to fight.  As far as thinness is concerned, Davey D could be the male equivalent of that Calypso Flophouse woman.  The end came as Dino held Brandi for Stevie to deliver a Steviekick; but that backfired and Stevie and Dino collided.  With Stevie on the ground, Meanie delivered a body press from the top turnbuckle and covered for the pin.  Brandi kept the title, Meanie got his puppies, and Stevie got stunnered by ref Davey D after the match.

MATCH 8 MATCH THAT NEVER HAPPENED:  It was scheduled to be TOM BRANDI (with the HOOTERS GIRLS) against THE BLUE MEANIE for the MCW belt.  The Hooterettes came out to a thundering "We want puppies!" chant.  Before the match could start, STEVIE RICHARDS and DINO DIVINE came out.  Stevie complained that he should have received the title shot in Chaz's absence, and since Stevie wanted Tom's title and had something he wanted to settle with his erstwhile friend and tag-team partner Meanie, he had

a proposition for another match.  Stevie and Dino would fact Brandi and Meanie in a tag-team match.  If Stevie and Dino won by pin fall, Stevie would receive the MCW belt and the two would take home the Hooters Girls for the evening.  Brandi and Meanie agreed, adding the further stipulation that if Meanie scored the pin, he would be the evening's custodian of the "puppies".  With both sides agreeable, commissioner Adonis agreed to put the heavyweight title at stake in this tag match.

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